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TALON’s Silver Sponsorship of the “Italian Conference on Big Data and Data Science (ITADATA2023)”

We are delighted to announce that TALON has been designated as a Silver Sponsor for the forthcoming ITADATA 2023 conference. The conference is scheduled to occur from the 11th to the 13th of September in the city of Naples.

Davide Dalle Carbonare, an influential member of the Steering Committee and Panel Chair, is scheduled to deliver a presentation on TALON during the “Smart Ecosystems” session on September 13th, from 11:00 to 11:15. The title of the presentation is “TALON: Bridging the Gap between Intelligence and Efficiency in Industry 4.0”.

Further details about ITADATA 2023 are available in the official website:


The second edition of the Italian Conference on Big Data and Data Science (ITADATA2023) is an annual event organized by the CINI Big Data National Laboratory. Its objective is to facilitate collaboration among Italian researchers and professionals from academia, industry, government, and public administration who are engaged in the study and application of big data and data science. The conference also encompasses related areas such as security and privacy, high-performance computing, and cloud computing.

The conference will consist of a primary research track focused on big data and data science. Additionally, there will be tutorials and demonstrations showcasing industry, research center, and university-developed solutions and prototypes. Furthermore, thematic workshops will be held, addressing specific verticals within the field of big data and data science. The conference will additionally include two keynote speeches delivered by esteemed individuals, as well as several panel discussions.


The primary objective of ITADATA2023 is to engage in discourse and influence the trajectory of Big Data and Data Science in both domestic and international contexts. This endeavor takes into account the multifaceted, intricate, diverse, and data-driven landscape within which contemporary distributed systems operate. The timely management and analysis of substantial volumes of data, along with the assurance of low-latency access to the data, have become increasingly crucial prerequisites that lie at the core of contemporary business operations. In the present context, data science assumes a pivotal role as the fundamental underpinning of our contemporary data-centric society. Its primary function involves the advancement and delineation of requisite technologies that facilitate the creation of value from data across diverse fields, characterized by escalating levels of intricacy.

The scope of ITADATA2023 encompasses both theoretical and practical aspects of research and application in the field of data, ranging from data governance to data processing and analysis. Additionally, this field encompasses research and implementation in interconnected areas that heavily rely on data and data science technologies. These areas include cloud computing, edge computing, Internet of Things (IoT), intelligent computing, high-performance computing, blockchain technology, security and privacy, as well as assurance and certification. This study aims to comprehensively examine the progression of big data and data science within the European Union (EU) and at the national level. It seeks to delineate ongoing initiatives in the field of data spaces and relevant entities, such as the Big Data Value Association (BDVA). Additionally, it explores the development of policies, laws, and regulations pertaining to this domain.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement No. 101070181.